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Self-Pay Price List

If you are uninsured, have a gap in your coverage, or carry a high deductible, any unexpected health issue that arises can be a huge worry. In fact, a single visit to an emergency room can cost more than $800 - in addition to hours spent in an uncomfortable, crowded and chaotic environment.

A single visit to Cure, which provides immediate access to caring and compassionate board-certificated physicians, starts at an affordable $90, with competitive rates on services ranging from vaccinations to x-rays to physicals.

Our mission is to make healthcare accessible and convenient. We accept most insurance plans and provide fair and competitive pricing for self-pay patients.

Office Visit
Basic Office Visit $90

Pricing for all additional services is in addition to office visit.

Vaccines & Flu Shots
Vaccines $40 - $200
Flu Shot* $25
Flu Shot* High Dose $50
Chest $175
Extremity $100-$150
Large Joint $300
Cervical Spine $300
Lacerations / Stitches
Stitches 0-5 stiches $200
Lacerations/Stitches >10 cm $300-$500
Suture/Staple Removal $75
Facial Laceration Repair $300-$700
Dermabond repair $100
IV Therapy
Simple $50
IV + 1 med $100
IV + 2 med $125
each additional supplement $50
General and DOT $125
Nebulazer Breathing Treatment $75
EKG with reading $100
Laboratory Tests
Tdap vaccine $125
Blood Draw Fee $30
CBC $50
Chem Panel $75
Glucose Testing $45
Hemoccult $125
Influenza (rapid) $50
Pregnancy $15
Strep $15
Urine Dip Analysis $15
Urine Drug screen $125
Rapid HIV testing $100
Mono $100